Monday, April 4, 2011


It is all the rage in my classroom! My kids play it in line, at the lunch table, during snack, you name it they are playing it.  The other day I went to my desk to get my reading book after calendar and I heard one of the say sparkle ready go …table… and I was like SERIOUSLY  I came to get my book not drink my mocha and browse the internet!  lol They take it extremely serious.  The main thing that I use it for is whole group rewards.  We start out with the whole word spelled on the board and every time I have to get on to the class as a whole I don’t have to yell or scream (sometimes I forget I don’t have to do this) I simply go erase a letter!  It works like a charm… here’s a video explaining the excitement and how to play if you are not familiar with the game.  We play with our spelling words and/or sight words for a challenge.


Rain Rain= School Dismissal

We got out at 11 today because the first of the April storms is supposed to bring tornados and very strong winds.  It was fine till about 15 minutes ago and the bottom dropped out.  Which is fine with me!  I got a much needed nap and some blog time!  I realize this is the first post in almost three weeks.  I had such high hopes for this little blog! Hopefully after softball season everything will chill out and I can get back to it like I had intended. 

Speaking of softball I would just like everyone to know that although it eats up most of my time and extra brain cells I.LOVE.IT!  I also love my team and every single girl on it.  We are 17-5, which is amazing, and three of the losses are to the same team!  (which happens to be our rival, which happens to be coached by my best friend, which makes for some exciting moments) This weekend wraps up our JV season with the county tournament and the varsity season will just be peaking with area games, and big tournaments.  We are going to the Gulf Shores Tournament next week for spring break and if the name doesn’t ring a bell to you… Gulf Shores is at the BEACH!  We are super pumped about going to the beach play softball!  haha it is a great mix! 

I am just going to post some pictures of things that we are doing in our classroom.  Most of them are activities that other bloggers post because I have no time to think of original ideas during ball season.  Maybe it isn’t too late for you to get an idea for a spring lesson from the pictures. 



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