Wednesday, February 22, 2012

new curtains, valentine’s day, and nature


My awesome mother in law… helped me talk Carter into buying new fabric for the kitchen curtains and then she whipped them up!  I love them.  They complete the kitchen and make in look so darn cute. See for your self:


Pinterest Craft at home:


Bulletin Board at School










I love my new camera and even though I haven’t the foggiest clue on how to use it well I do like looking out my back yard and taking beautiful pictures like these:


bluest bluebird ever…and a great way to start the day with a beautiful sunrise.

Planning lots of Lorax activities and hopefully will get to post them soon! Have a good week. First softball game in two days AHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Sunday, February 5, 2012


Liz at FAst Times of a Middle School Math Teacher tagged me and I couldn’t be more pumped!

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create 12 new questions for the people you tagged.
4. Tag 12 people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them

Fun Facts

1. I  recently married my best friend.

2.  I am now teaching and coaching in the school that I went to K-12.

3. I love to organize and decorate and constantly want to do something to my home.

4. I just learned to cook went I moved out on my own in 09. Im getting pretty good.

5.  I like filling my cart up while on line shopping and then red x-ing out.  I call it fake shopping.

6. I absolutely hate filling my car up with gas.  I more so than not let it get to 0 Miles to Empty before Carter fills it up.

7. I have TONS of clothes….tons.

8. I do not wear white after labor day or open toed shoes between October and March.. no matter how warm…its inappropriate.

9. I talk to my momma everyday and email my daddy everyday.

10. Im a planner, I have a clothes calendar, and a supper calendar, a planner on my desk and in my purse.

11.  I keep a notebook and a pencil with me everywhere I go…you never know when you will have a good idea.

12. I really love sweet tea with fresh squeezed lemon :)

okay Liz’s Questions:

1) What is your favorite new thing you have incorporated into your class this year?  My Interwrite Dual Board and Pad.

2) If you could be any musical artist who would you be? Carrie Underwood…her legs are killer and her voice isn’t too bad either.

3) What is your favorite store to buy teaching clothes? Target!

4) Favorite vacation spot?  Destin, FL

5) What is another job you have had besides teaching? I have worked in a dry cleaners, two home d├ęcor stores, and a floral assistant doing weddings and special events.

6) Trip to the beach or to the mountains? Beach… I HATE being cold.

7) What is your favorite website? Pinterest

8) What is your favorite book? To Kill a Mockingbird

9) Do you prefer to see movies in the movie theater or wait to watch them at home? it really depends on the movie, but usually in the theater so I can eat popcorn.

10) Do you have a favorite time of year? I like different things about different times of the year.  I like fall a lot because of the crisp cool air but most importantly football, during winter I love Christmas break, the new year I love taking the christmas stuff down and the since of renewal and spring is certainly welcomed because I do not like cold weather and what is not to love about summer?

11) What is one of your guilty pleasures? Mocha Frappe from McDonalds

12) Where do you want to be in 3 years? In a new house with at least one baby Lord Willing

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My Questions to Answer:

1.  What is your favorite candle?

2. Where is your favorite place to shop?

3. What is your favorite teaching website?

4. What is your favorite non-teaching website?

5. What is your go-to dish for supper?

6. What kind of everyday dishes do you have?

7.  What kind of China do you have?

8. What is your favorite make-up product or secret?

9. How did you celebrate your first anniversary?

10.  What do you gift to your husband’s for Christmas and birthdays?

11. What was the best day trip you’ve taken?

12. Do you own a teachers-pay-teachers or other similar store?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A little bit of Pinspiration this and that

  So we are in a little bit of a hiatus from Reading Street at school and we have been working on a poetry unit, we are teaching fractions from our AMSTI book instead of Go Math! and doing colonies in Social Studies.  As much as I LOVE teaching on my own and not from a book, I am really ready to get back to using our books, and letting them guide my creativity. In the meantime while not at school I have become a bit obsessed with hair and make up.  Let’s just all put the blame on pinterest right now! ha.

I bought the “perfect nude lip combo.”

Pinned Image

via Pinterest

I personally like a little more color so I paired with a pink lip liner and put the soft peach lip gloss on the bottom and firecracker lip gloss (all from Revlon) on the top and I like it!


I just reapplied for the picture and it is 9:00 so ignore the rest of the day old make-up and the flash.IMG_0468

I am also working on getting my eye shadow to do this:

Pinned Image

via Pinterest

Im not real good with the fancy brushes haha, I sound like such a red neck right? I’m not, I am just not used to a new way of applying my make up.

Another thing I am in love with is nail polish.  I like the way my nails look when they are acrylic or manicured{gel is my favorite} professionally, but with softball season in full swing those babies have no hope of looking good, hence a waste of $20. So I found this Sally Hasen INSTA-DRI in Slick Slate and less than $5. Notice the almost perfect left hand and then you have the right hand…oh a day in the life of a teacher.










P.S. a. I have old Lady hands… and b. it is really hard to take a picture left handed…. do they make left handed cameras? Just a thought!

I also am trying anything and everything with my hair.  I saw this tutorial:

SJP Hair, big hair, sarah jessica parker hair, big curls+no heat curls+get curls without heat+twisted buns in hair

tried it and got this result: I’m kinda obsessed and will be doing this often.

Thank you pinterest for all of your pinspiration