Monday, July 30, 2012

Make It Monday

I’m a little late on joining the Make It Monday crew, but better late than never.  Tonight I made an adorable burlap door hanger that was OF COURSE inspired by pinterest!

Teacher Appreciation Pencil Burlap Door Hanger Decoration HUGE - Polka Dots Back to School

via Pinterest

Hers is so PROFESSIONAL…mine not so much. I will take you step by step on how I made mine.

{Step One} Grab Your Gear


You will need:

Burlap, A Ruler, Scissors, Pliers, Wire, Paint (colors of your choice), Paint Brushes, Hot Glue Gun

Optional: Rick Rack, Ribbon, Glitter

{Step Two} Cut Burlap, I cut mine 16*8IMG_1354

Then I made the point by splitting the side at 4 inches and cut back six inches IMG_1356

{Step Three} Start Painting!



I painted 4 inches of pink and 1inch of silver. Then I marked off the curves at the end of the pencil. Painted the middle yellow, the end brown, and the tip black.  I forgot to take a picture but the tip is 1 1/2 inches across.

{Step Four} Add Rick Rack

Completely up to you if you do this step… you could just paint the lines.


{Step Five} Multi-Task

The pinterest article suggested using a lid to make the polka dots perfect.  I found the perfect lid… NUTELLA!  It was almost gone, so I took one bite of it and threw it away and used the lid.IMG_1360IMG_1362

Fill in your polka dots, and write your name.  I REALLY hate the way I write with paint, so I wanted to use the letters from my no name sign and I was just a FEW short.


This is also the time to sprinkle the glitter on. SPARINGLY!

You don’t want your sign to look like an advertisement for Toddlers and Tiaras.



{Step Six} Stuff and Glue


I stuffed mine with target bags, because Lord knows I have tons.  After stuffing just glue up the other side and Wa-La!


{Step Seven} Twist Your Wire

Just poke the wire through the burlap and twist it with your pliers or your hands if you can.



Your table may look like this


and your manicure like this


but don’t worry, both are fixable!

The ribbon I wanted to use was a no go!  Choose a ribbon with wire.  I will add it after a trip to Hobby Lobby tomorrow. I am going to use my sign for my back to school bulletin board.

Mrs. Ledgewood Has a Sharp Class

and the kids are going to complete these glyphs from The Glyph Girls.

Best Part? It’s FREE!

Hello CUTE Bulletin Board.

15 more days till I go back, ahhhh the TO DOs!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Big Fork and Spoon

Carter and I are BIG Everybody Loves Raymond watchers.  We’ve seen every episode and continue to watch literally every night.  We have our favorite episodes { when Frank paints Marie, when the car backs through the house, when Debra throws out the Muhammad Ali letter in the trash, when Robert and Amy get caught doing the dirty and she has on his police pants, lol lol } told you we are avid watchers.  Tonight's episode was about the suitcase and the cheese and the story behind Frank and Marie's big Fork and Spoon.  It was their first “BIG Fight.” I’m sure you all remember your first big fight.  Carter and I of course have had ours and looking back we laugh. For Christmas my good friend Cindy found a “Salad Set” in my everyday dishes from Mandy Bagwell. I noticed that they had a little hole in the back and I had an idea!  Every couple needs a fork and spoon to remind them of their first fight!  If you can get through that one there is hope! I love the reminder behind the fork and spoon and it does help they are super cute!


One year and 8 days later, we sure don’t know everything but we have learned a thing or two along the way.  I hope we can make it to 57 years like my GREAT friend Lauren’s grandparents did.  They were each other’s world and he is having to say goodbye to her tomorrow after a fight with brain cancer.  I‘m so thankful for our year and can’t wait to make it to 57 and hopefully more.


What a Difference a Day Makes… I love this quote.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Frindle Freebie

If you or someone close to you teaches 5th grade and uses Reading Street, please follow my Pinterest Boards.  I have spent a LOT of hours trying to find great activities to use for centers.  The ones the book provides go either too quickly or the kids don’t get anything out of them. I will write a post about how I do my centers later, but I will use this activity on Tuesday for Centers.

Directions for Teachers:  Copy first sheet for everyone in the class.  Then, I am going to copy the words for each pair of students in a group on colored paper. ( The most kids I have in one group is six so I am going to copy the words three times.) For durability print them on cardstock and laminate. I will probably store the words in a ziploc bag because they are easy and reusable.  After the pair sorts the words they will then fill out their recording sheet. I will “grade” the sorting and the correctness of the written sentences.image

Happy Teaching!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Skinny Fries and Our Anniversary

The title is random and not related!

So like the majority of the people out there… I wanted to start eating better and lose some weight. I was pinning on Pinterest {what else} and came across OmiWord Gina has great recipes!  What I especially liked was the fact that she has several recipes that Carter will like.  The first one I made was Skinny Texas Cheese Fries.  I know one would think that statement was an oxymoron, but a half a serving was 7 Point Plus value for Weight Watchers. Please visit

Gina’s Skinny Taste Skinny Texas Cheese Fries

for the complete recipe, but I will leave you with some pictures of how mine turned out.












I used two small Yukon Gold potatoes, and reduce fat shredded cheese. They were so good!  Happy Eating.


IMG_1164On a side note Carter and I celebrated our FIRST ANNIVERSARY this week!  We went to the Opryland Hotel to stay the night!  We had an awesome view from our balcony of the Garden Concourse.IMG_1186









I had a little mishap with my ring!  The diamond fell out!  Good news I found it, bad news 1st anniversary with out it!





It was an absolute awesome trip!  One of the highlights was just stopping by the American Pickers, Antique Archeology store in Nashville! We literally passed it on the interstate and I said, THAT’S MIKE AND FRANK! So we exited off randomly and made our way back to the right street. They weren’t there but we saw some cool stuff and made a great memory.

IMG_1201           IMG_1202

We most certainly did NOT match on purpose! The old building was so cool. IMG_1200



What a great anniversary!  We of course are looking forward to many more!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pinteresting Project Day

Today is rainy and dreary.  Which is great!  It has been over 100 degrees for the past three or four week. We need the rain.  I have been waiting on a rainy day to complete some projects. I gathered my supplies:


I’ve been wanting to make these flowers from Shellly Smith from The House of Smiths Blog to complete a project for my classroom.  So I pulled up her tutorial got some energy drink in me and started going!

I got my fabric swatches and buttons from JoAnn’s.  If you aren’t already aware they offer a 15% discount for teachers!  Awesome! 



My classroom colors are red, black, and turquoise so the first pack was for my room. The second pack is for a project for some pictures we are going to take.

{Quick Tip} I found it so much easier to cut my fabric in to squares after I ironed them.  They are neatly folded with a piece of cardboard to keep them perfectly square…. just heat up that iron and press those wrinkles out.

Next, watch Shelly’s Tutorial, I am not going to give one because a. not my idea and b. she already did it so just head over there and read it real quick if you wanna make the flowers. 

{Quick Tip} I folded my circles like a taco, then in half, and the folded the corners back.  I couldn’t ever figure out how to just fold the corners back. IMG_1217

BEWARE: Your fingers will get burned with the hot glue gun! Thank you BirchBox for saving my table.

After cut, glue, repeat about 100x these were my finished products:



I’m sure they are perfect but I think that they are super cute. I wanted to add them to my project I was making for school. 

                A Birthday Board

Something to remind me that Yes!  Even 5th graders like to celebrate their birthdays! and I did a TERRIBLE job last year with this, so what better than a Cute project to remind me.


birthday board, Cute!

She has her board with wire and then she laminated cute cut outs with each month and then writes the kids names on them.  Well I just think that is a fantastic idea. So I was roaming around IMG_0195Hobby Lobby getting my creative juices flowing and I came across this embroidery hoop. Bazinga! I picked up some twine that was on sale, some cute tags, and some mini clothes pins to complete the project.

I spray painted the hoop turquoise and then added the twine to the inner hoop only:IMG_1223 





Then I secured the outter hoop on the inner hoop and added my flowers:IMG_1230

The two big ones fit on the wood and the little one I hot glued two felt circles to the twine. I added the cards and the mini clips and with write the kids birthdays on them when I get my list.


YAY for a complete project!  I will also to the balloons on the long pixie sticks… click on the picture for the link to the balloons.

Birthday balloons-print and put on a swirly straw

Project #2 Pinsipration

Easy and adorable No Name board.  Clip papers that don't have names on them to the board and have students go check there instead of spending your time trying to figure out who they belong to!    So doing this!

I got a blank wooden board at Hobby Lobby and painted it turquoise. Then I got red polka dotted ribbon and hot glued one edge behind the wood so it would wrap around the end…like so:IMG_1232

then hot glue the other end: IMG_1233




It should be tight against the front of the board so pull tight.


I seriously need a Craft Room!

Next I added some precut letters and already black clothes pins to complete my no name sign!


Again not perfect but cute!

Come back soon for the other flower project reveal and some awesome recipes from