Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pinteresting Project Day

Today is rainy and dreary.  Which is great!  It has been over 100 degrees for the past three or four week. We need the rain.  I have been waiting on a rainy day to complete some projects. I gathered my supplies:


I’ve been wanting to make these flowers from Shellly Smith from The House of Smiths Blog to complete a project for my classroom.  So I pulled up her tutorial got some energy drink in me and started going!

I got my fabric swatches and buttons from JoAnn’s.  If you aren’t already aware they offer a 15% discount for teachers!  Awesome! 



My classroom colors are red, black, and turquoise so the first pack was for my room. The second pack is for a project for some pictures we are going to take.

{Quick Tip} I found it so much easier to cut my fabric in to squares after I ironed them.  They are neatly folded with a piece of cardboard to keep them perfectly square…. just heat up that iron and press those wrinkles out.

Next, watch Shelly’s Tutorial, I am not going to give one because a. not my idea and b. she already did it so just head over there and read it real quick if you wanna make the flowers. 

{Quick Tip} I folded my circles like a taco, then in half, and the folded the corners back.  I couldn’t ever figure out how to just fold the corners back. IMG_1217

BEWARE: Your fingers will get burned with the hot glue gun! Thank you BirchBox for saving my table.

After cut, glue, repeat about 100x these were my finished products:



I’m sure they are perfect but I think that they are super cute. I wanted to add them to my project I was making for school. 

                A Birthday Board

Something to remind me that Yes!  Even 5th graders like to celebrate their birthdays! and I did a TERRIBLE job last year with this, so what better than a Cute project to remind me.


birthday board, Cute!

She has her board with wire and then she laminated cute cut outs with each month and then writes the kids names on them.  Well I just think that is a fantastic idea. So I was roaming around IMG_0195Hobby Lobby getting my creative juices flowing and I came across this embroidery hoop. Bazinga! I picked up some twine that was on sale, some cute tags, and some mini clothes pins to complete the project.

I spray painted the hoop turquoise and then added the twine to the inner hoop only:IMG_1223 





Then I secured the outter hoop on the inner hoop and added my flowers:IMG_1230

The two big ones fit on the wood and the little one I hot glued two felt circles to the twine. I added the cards and the mini clips and with write the kids birthdays on them when I get my list.


YAY for a complete project!  I will also to the balloons on the long pixie sticks… click on the picture for the link to the balloons.

Birthday balloons-print and put on a swirly straw

Project #2 Pinsipration

Easy and adorable No Name board.  Clip papers that don't have names on them to the board and have students go check there instead of spending your time trying to figure out who they belong to!    So doing this!

I got a blank wooden board at Hobby Lobby and painted it turquoise. Then I got red polka dotted ribbon and hot glued one edge behind the wood so it would wrap around the end…like so:IMG_1232

then hot glue the other end: IMG_1233




It should be tight against the front of the board so pull tight.


I seriously need a Craft Room!

Next I added some precut letters and already black clothes pins to complete my no name sign!


Again not perfect but cute!

Come back soon for the other flower project reveal and some awesome recipes from



Randi said...

I love that No Name board. The colors you used are awesome together.

Laura said...

Thanks! I think it will look good in my room!

Inside this Book said...

Wow! You are creative and talented! I love all of these projects, but esp. the birthday 'hoop'! What did you use for the cards?

I'm also happy to find another 5th grade blogger. When I started in May, it seemed that there were mainly primary blogs. Since then I've been finding more 5th grade blogs, and I am thrilled!

Inside this Book

Laura said...

Thanks! I am now following you! I used little cards from hobby lobby. TGhey were a couple of aisle over from the scrapbooking section. I need to get another pack but they only had one the other day!

Heather's Heart said...

I love your balloons and the no name board...all of your other crafts are adorable too! =)

I am happy to be your newest follower. If you get the chance, I would love for you to hop over and visit me. =)


Heather's Heart

Perrine Curry said...

I just pinned your hoop. It is so awesome! It could have many uses. I see this at a party or event. Thanks for sharing!
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