Thursday, July 5, 2012

Getting a Head Start

This is a summer of FIRSTs!

First Anniversary!

First time NOT changing grades and/or SCHOOLS!

I can not describe to you the feeling of not having to learn a new curriculum, change rooms, or even schools!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  alskfjd;woeirj;alskfj;lsdkfj;asldkjf;sldkfj

That is my excitement! 

So because I have lots of time on my hands I am getting ahead with my lesson plans. I am getting organized with reading first.  My school uses Scott Foresman Reading Street.  We have 6 units.  The first thing I did was create boards on Pinterest for each unit.  Then I went back and labeled each pin for what day I need to use it.  It is coming along… pretty slowly because I want to get all the details completed so I don’t have to go back!  I will post when I am finished!  I also came across the blog she was formally a third grade teacher but SHE’S MOVING TO FIFTH!  I can’t wait to keep up with her throughout the year!  Her room arrangement and organizational skills are amazing!

Seems like after the 4th summer just flies by…

happy summer

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