Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Big Fork and Spoon

Carter and I are BIG Everybody Loves Raymond watchers.  We’ve seen every episode and continue to watch literally every night.  We have our favorite episodes { when Frank paints Marie, when the car backs through the house, when Debra throws out the Muhammad Ali letter in the trash, when Robert and Amy get caught doing the dirty and she has on his police pants, lol lol } told you we are avid watchers.  Tonight's episode was about the suitcase and the cheese and the story behind Frank and Marie's big Fork and Spoon.  It was their first “BIG Fight.” I’m sure you all remember your first big fight.  Carter and I of course have had ours and looking back we laugh. For Christmas my good friend Cindy found a “Salad Set” in my everyday dishes from Mandy Bagwell. I noticed that they had a little hole in the back and I had an idea!  Every couple needs a fork and spoon to remind them of their first fight!  If you can get through that one there is hope! I love the reminder behind the fork and spoon and it does help they are super cute!


One year and 8 days later, we sure don’t know everything but we have learned a thing or two along the way.  I hope we can make it to 57 years like my GREAT friend Lauren’s grandparents did.  They were each other’s world and he is having to say goodbye to her tomorrow after a fight with brain cancer.  I‘m so thankful for our year and can’t wait to make it to 57 and hopefully more.


What a Difference a Day Makes… I love this quote.



Janis Leach said...

I love that episode about Frank and Marie's first fight!! Actually, I love every episode. So glad I found another fan!!! Sadly, my hubby doesn't love it. (He gets tired of shows with the husband always depicted as the doofus.) But, I love how that inspired your cute creation.

On another note, I saw your post about stopping by the American Pickers store. My hubby would be jealous of that! We love Frank and Mike! But, here is CA, we see enough of Dave, Brandi, and Jared from Storage Wars.

Grade Three is the Place for Me

Janis Leach said...

lol I had originally meant to say thanks for joining my Newbie blog hop!

Cheryl said...

Me and my husband love Raymond too! We kind of live like them...my in laws are just up the driveway from us...lol. Make some interesting times! Anyway, I'm a new follower and have nominated you for an award! You can pick it up at my blog!