Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A little bit of Pinspiration this and that

  So we are in a little bit of a hiatus from Reading Street at school and we have been working on a poetry unit, we are teaching fractions from our AMSTI book instead of Go Math! and doing colonies in Social Studies.  As much as I LOVE teaching on my own and not from a book, I am really ready to get back to using our books, and letting them guide my creativity. In the meantime while not at school I have become a bit obsessed with hair and make up.  Let’s just all put the blame on pinterest right now! ha.

I bought the “perfect nude lip combo.”

Pinned Image

via Pinterest

I personally like a little more color so I paired with a pink lip liner and put the soft peach lip gloss on the bottom and firecracker lip gloss (all from Revlon) on the top and I like it!


I just reapplied for the picture and it is 9:00 so ignore the rest of the day old make-up and the flash.IMG_0468

I am also working on getting my eye shadow to do this:

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via Pinterest

Im not real good with the fancy brushes haha, I sound like such a red neck right? I’m not, I am just not used to a new way of applying my make up.

Another thing I am in love with is nail polish.  I like the way my nails look when they are acrylic or manicured{gel is my favorite} professionally, but with softball season in full swing those babies have no hope of looking good, hence a waste of $20. So I found this Sally Hasen INSTA-DRI in Slick Slate and less than $5. Notice the almost perfect left hand and then you have the right hand…oh a day in the life of a teacher.










P.S. a. I have old Lady hands… and b. it is really hard to take a picture left handed…. do they make left handed cameras? Just a thought!

I also am trying anything and everything with my hair.  I saw this tutorial:

SJP Hair, big hair, sarah jessica parker hair, big curls+no heat curls+get curls without heat+twisted buns in hair

tried it and got this result: I’m kinda obsessed and will be doing this often.

Thank you pinterest for all of your pinspiration


Liz said...

I tagged you! Hop on over to my blog so you can check out the rules and how it works. Thanks for all that you blog!


Perrine Curry said...

I am LOVING your blog!!! I am a new follower. We are into the same kinds of things, make-up, nail polish, crafts, etc. I'm glad I found your blog through the Monday made it linky.