Monday, October 1, 2012

The 30-Day Challenge

You hear that phrase all the time!  Losing weight, building up stamina to run a race, car dealerships running a sale, etc.  I think that the biggest 30-Day Challenge is the First 30 days of school.  My lack of posting is first of all a bad habit and second of all directly related to my school year craziness. Everybody is their own kind of busy so I won’t try to compare stories or carry you through my day, but I do want to carry you through the last 30 days! 

For the most part my kids are great, actually the best class I have ever had, but the MOST challenging.  We are settled into our morning routine and reading stations are running as smoothly as one could expect in fifth grade. We are finished with Reading Street Unit One and will take our Benchmark Test this week.  Hopefully, all of the hours of pinning and creating lessons to help teach the skills and strategies will pay off. Even though I admit that part is fun for me. Envisions Common Core Math is going well. We’ve covered cells,and completed an AMSTI kit on Variables (the kids LOVE this) in Science and covered map skills and Early Americans in Social Studies.

I hope that your year is going as well as you hoped.  I finally had an original idea and I am going to be using it for our Halloween Bulletin Board.  Check back for a glyph freebie before Friday!

Hoping the next 30 days are even better!






Football Fridays and College Game Saturdays


Baby Birthdays and Births

IMG_0385[1] IMG_0386[1] IMG_0387[1]

Flying our Airplanes

Great way to review…I put up posters with the names of all of our skills that we need to review… the kids had to choose at least three skills and write down their schema about that skill.

IMG_0401[1] IMG_0402[1] IMG_0403[1]

We love Pandora playing over my speakers… our top stations are:

1. Tween Radio

2. Radio for Kids Radio {Pretty much all Disney}

3. Lady Antebellum

4. Justin Beiber

5. Pachelbel's Canon in D

6. Praise and Worship

Have a great week!

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