Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Updating and getting with it

My college professors always talked about a trait great teachers had in common… it was called withitness. Meaning you were with it at all times in your classroom, mainly during multiple activities such as centers.  I always thought I had that trait down pat in my classroom and in my life.  I usually can do several things at once and accomplish all the tasks in a fair amount of time.  Well that was before I was planning a wedding!  My withitness has flown out the door with 19 days until I say I DO!  I am way over due for a wedding update and since I am still up in the air about my teaching assignment that is all that I am thinking about!  I had my engagement pictures and bridal portraits done by my fabulous photographer Jennifer Tidwell.  I love my engagement picture for the paper:LH048_paper_engage

We went dressy for the classic olin mills pictures and then fun for our outdoor. I don’t have anymore to put on here right now but will in a short time.


Im not sure which to do list I am on or what I have and have not checked off but I do know that I am caught up with my 250+ thank- you notes from my showers {that were awesome by the way.  We are very BLESSED with great friends and family} My 525+ invitations that I hand calligraphied (sp?) are sent out and only one came back whoop whoop!  Bridesmaids dresses are here, tuxes are ordered, music is going to be amazing, and I am super pumped about the honeymoon… I guess somewhere in between all that there is going to be a gorgeous wedding. Here are some pictures from our showers:

DSCN1948 DSCN1973DSCN2037

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The Gists said...

YAY for the update! Your pictures was so pretty in the paper, and your invitations are wonderful too! I loved them!