Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter and Bubblegum Fractions

Because I have no time to think or come up with original ideas I used eighteen25’s Easter cones and Cara’s Fraction Action packet to get me through the week after spring break. The bubble gum activity was by far the class favorite and I just loved the pictures that I took..We were cracking up!’DSCN1852DSCN1853DSCN1854DSCN1855DSCN1856DSCN1881DSCN1882DSCN1883DSCN1885HALARIOUS!DSCN1887 NOT SO SUREDSCN1888DSCN1889DSCN1890DSCN1891 tHIS group was kicking booty with bubble blowing

DSCN1892 Then the boys got up…DSCN1894 She looks mad but shes just concentrating

DSCN1896DSCN1897 The Ss standing are the ones that blew bubbles!


WE LOVED IT!  THanks Cara!

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