Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Science Week

It seems to be science week here in blog land….I just wanted to share a few things we are doing in science and having an AWESOME time:

first we started out with a gummy bear experiment from Teachers pay Teacher to introduce the scientific method: We placed a regular size gummy bear in a cup of water overnight and the results were amazing! the kids loved it!  I don’t have any pictures from our science notebooks I will try to take some tomorrow.

DSCN2502         DSCN2503

Next we started our AMSTI investigation unit: Variables

We started out doing swingers, then lifeboats, and now flyers:


happy investigating!


Mrs. Smith said...

I've never seen the gummy bear experiment! I can't wait to try it for myself! I just finished doing the swingers investigation, too. I love just about anything from FOSS! (What is AMSTI?)

Laura said...

the gummy bear experiemnt was awesome.. got the kids really excited. AMSTI is Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Institute. We were trained in science and math programs to implement in our classrooms

Kim said...

Hi Laura!

We used Variables as a part of our (FOSS) science kit for fifth/sixth grade a bazillion years ago. I LOVED it. I thought that the "penny swingers" introduced the idea of variables perfectly.

Looks like there is lots of fun and learning going on in your classroom!

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Ashley said...

The gummy bear experiment is great! I have used that for the last few years when teaching weight, mass and volume.