Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fun Writing Activity

Are you like me and are looking for some fun ways to incorporate Halloween/Fall Goodness in your curriculum?  I started a bulletin board that says We’re so “Spook”tacular its Scary. Kinda had a nice ring to it, but then I was stuck!  haha I’ve done “spook”tacular work, Have a “Spook”tacular Halloween, etc. but always had lower elementary cuteness to go with it. So I brainstormed, and I pulled out a oldie, but goodie from my college creative arts class. It’s a progressive drawing. If you are not familiar with this is, it is pretty neat. The hardest part is making sure the paper is folded correctly.GDSCN2612roup kids into threes and give each kid needs one sheet of paper. Do a trifold so that it looks like an accordion. There are three rotations. We decided to draw monsters in relation to the bulletin board.

First the kids draw their own heads:DSCN2613

then fold the head back and rotate papers clockwise and everybody draws the bodies next:DSCN2618

then fold the body back and rotate the last time and draw the feet:


Then rotate it back to the original owners and Viola!  You have a monster. The hubs and I did an example for the kids…DSCN2616


We have laughed and laughed at ourselves…go ahead laugh with us!






I gave the kids 5 min. on each section. After they completed the drawings they wrote silly stories using their spelling words to go along with their “Spook”tacular Monsters.

I will post pictures of the bulletin board and the kids monsters tomorrow!

Happy Teaching!


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