Monday, October 24, 2011

Go Math is …

please insert adjective of your choice….

I am posting the answers for our homework tonight for two reasons:

1. to help the kids and the parents

2. to get blog world’s opinion about this _______ program (again please insert adjective of your choice)

{Please remember I teach 5th grade :) }

Our objective was Order of Operations and then some Spiral Review of some of the past 11 lessons in Chapter 1… yes you may need to reread that sentence.

Below is our homework …it is 9:30 here and as I was studying for our lesson tomorrow I thought well Duh!  That’s how parents can know what’s going on silly…. BLOG ABOUT IT!  Sometimes it takes a while for the lightbulb to go off….

I took several pictures so the problems would be clear:


the brackets are a little off and l--->r means read left to rightDSCN2645DSCN2646DSCN2647

Back of Assignment


Have a Great Week Teaching!

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