Monday, December 5, 2011

Morning Meeting

I have finally found a routine that works great for me and my kiddos!  Yes, this is my fifth year teaching, but please don’t judge because this is the first year I haven’t taught a new grade.So it has changed every year depending on the grade level.  My fifth graders are dismissed from the lunchroom at 7:50 and then walk to my room.  So they all pretty much get there at the same time {WHICH I LOVE!} and when they come in they know exactly what to do!  I am going to break it down for you by days:

Monday: When the students come in they answer a question of the week:036

This is last week’s question on Monday. 

After they vote,  they pull out their morning meeting notebooks and a sheet like this is on the Elmo:


Click on picture to see the whole page of what the kids see.  The kids do their Daily Fix it First.  The kids write the sentences correctly and highlight what they corrected.  Then they have to draw and label their daily data. Monday’s looks exactly like the picture does above. Then the kids do their spelling workbook page.

The format of our morning meeting looks the same everyday. Daily –Fix Its, Daily Data, Spelling WB page or Brain Bender. Sometimes a worksheet just isn’t cutting it so I will take a math problem or a question from another subject area that the kids had trouble with and let them see it in a different light.

Tuesday: Daily Fix-Its, Daily Data: The students will redraw the Venn Diagram.  Usually I whoever was absent is here on Tuesday. Spelling or Brain Bender

Wednesday: Daily Fix-Its, Daily Data: Today we do a 3-2-1. Ss tell me 3 facts, 2 observations, and 1 question they still have about the data. Spelling Page or BB.

Thursday: Daily Fix-Its, Daily Data: We turn our data into a graph.  So far we have done bar graphs, pictographs, and we are currently on line graphs. We review origin, x and y axis, labels, and title every week! 

Friday: The kids get Free-Day Friday.  They must write a Reader’s Response entry about what they are reading personally, draw a picture about their favorite part of the Reading story, rainbow write spelling words, or read independently. 

I KNOW that it isn’t perfect, but it works for us and we LOVE it!

Happy Mornings=Happy Kids=Happy Teacher!

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