Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Pretty stressful 12th day~

Taught one of my sweet boys how to draw a heart.  Yes I teach 5th grade and no he didn’t know how.  This is WHY I teach…he is just precious….challenging…even VERY Challenging most days, but then I step back and think…NOBODY! not his parents, not his pre-school teacher, not is kindergarten, first, second, third, or fourth grade teacher, took the time to help him learn to draw a heart!  It literally broke my heart. I’m already in love with him and I hope that he stays in my room long enough for me to give him a chance. {please don’t critique that immensely long run-on sentence}

I NEEDED some Dt. Dr. Pepper so I made a Target run tonight.  An hour later I came home with the CUTEST tissue paper to make some poms so I can hang my table numbers, oh so cute thank you cards, eye make up remover pads (best invention ever), a birthday card, an art box for one of my kids, 3 8 packs of coke, all of which I was SUPER pleased with… and I tried to find the perfect shade of fall purple polish like in this picture


So I tried: Essie, Revlon, Loreal, Sallie Hanson, and O.P.I


Nothing even close…ugh…I came home with Loreal Paparazzi Pleaser, which ended up being super grape… not really a huge fan:


Still on the hunt for a perfect purple and a new fall lipstick!  Any suggestions?

Check back soon for some more Reading Street Resources.

<3, Laura

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