Monday, September 3, 2012

Week Three Already

WOW!  It has already been 10 days.  I feel like it is taking me forever to get in the groove.  We are traveling for volleyball EVERY Tuesday and Thursday, I can’t wait for a home game. I have also been keeping my goal of being at school on time (7:40) and am proud to say with the exception of one over sleeping day I have been there by 7:30!  Let’s hope I can keep this up! My co-teacher and I are on a roll with our lesson plans and centers.  It makes us love teaching because so far we have taken the stress out of it.  Envisions Math on the other hand is a little stressful.  If you are an avid reader of Open House you know that we are starting a new math program.  Last year we used Go Math and really didn’t like it till the end of the year and now we are using Envisions.  I’m pretty sure its not the program it is Common Core.  I think that the kids who are starting as fifth graders on common core are getting the short end of the deal because “they are supposed to know” ALL kinds of prerequisite skills, that we usually teach during fifth grade!  AHHHHHH we will just go with the flow and do it the BEST we can.

I haven’t been an avid picture taker during the week, but we did do some cool stuff. One thing that the kids loved was a wrap up activity for plant and animal cells.  After we went over their graded tests, we got out our science notebooks and passed out the cookies!  The kids loved drawing the Cookie Cell. ( we originally had planned to get gummy savers for the vacuoles, but we forgot so we just went with a different color M&M)  Kids didn’t care!



On a side note… I got paid Friday and spent a little time at my Target.  I Love Target!  Seriously love. Usually I can find something to pick up, clothing, shoes, jewelry, home décor, school supply, and sometimes one of each of those.  Most of their stuff is oh so cute, HOWEVER…..see exhibit A below:


These are HID-E-OUS…. plus they are $35…. please girls…. stay away!

Gonna Get my Groove back this week!


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Becky said...

My school uses EnVisions Math. I had a love/ hate relationship with it last year.