Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rainy Day Work Day

         After being rained on at the games last night our softball tournament was rained out. So instead of lying around and doing nothing {after sleeping till about 10:30} I decided to be productive.  With my Daddy gone on a boys trip {Court Side Seats at the Alabama/Georgia game} my Momma came over and we got started on the wedding favors.  I really DISLIKE wedding favors like bride and groom (anything) really, wedding cake candles, heart (anything) haha. I am more impressed when I go to a wedding and get something a. I can eat or b. I can use.  So I decided to incorporate both things.  I’m not gonna give our surprise away until after the wedding for the readers who will be in attendance at the wedding but I will give a sneak peak!  The clothes pins will have magnets on the back so they can be {used} and as you probably already figured out they will hold something that you can {eat}. DSCN1780

Nasty Nasty Rainy Day







The supplies strewn out all over the living room table and floor… DSCN1781    DSCN1783

My lovely mom and my “lovely” self haha this is what Saturday hair (that got rained on) and day old make up looks like..gross but this is the realness of my life:









We watched the Bama Game {Roll Tide, Yall} and about 4 different On Demand Shows, we got all 200 clothes pins covered with the paper and I got all but about 50 tied with the ribbon!

Finished product:


I love them. #1 because they are absolutely adorable #2 people can use them and most importantly #3 Momma and I made them together and had a great day despite the rain.

Roll Tide Yall! Laura


Lindsey said...

those are darling! what a fun blog you have here! happy to have stumbled upon it:)


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Just found your blog this morning and I'm glad I did! I am definitely stealing this idea!