Thursday, March 10, 2011

Transitions Made Easier

If your school system is like mine every website and its momma is blocked!  I get so frustrated sometimes.  I love using music in my classroom, but until I find the time to put my cds on my IPod there is no easy way to stop what we are doing, find the song I want to play, cross my fingers, and hold my breath and PRAY that the cd works.  Only to No AVAIL! So by now the kids are off task, I don’t even remember the number of the song I wanted them to do and I am ill because at least 5 of my 12 boys are either hitting each other, throwing erasers, or picking at the bottom of their shoes!  Sounds like a nightmare right?  YES!  After about the third time that happened I looked for alternate means of transitioning.  Viola! This amazing website that offers short commercial or sitcom jingles or longer movie themes. I use it on a daily basis. 

The Call to the Carpet… short song

Magic Trash..depends on how messy the room is if I need a short or a long song.

Get out your ______ book…short short!  Coca-cola is a great one.

Mix and match ..long and then I pause according to the number of times I want them to mix and match.

Get your wiggles out…depends on how restless they are

I still use my Dr. Jean CDs for movement songs, rewards (my kids are all about Peanut Butter right now), and learning skills, but this website is my quick go to website when I need an extra hand managing my very vivacious firsties!

Do you use any musical websites in your class?  What do you use music for in your classroom?

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~*~Ash~*~ said...

Try creating playlists on Itunes. I have a playlist labeled "Transitions" and I use Dr. Jean's: "Parts of a flower", 'Money Song', 'Five Senses', 'Continents' and 'Tools of Good Readers'. All of those are around a minute and a half, which is perfect for our transition back to the carpet from rotations. I like it because they are reviewing math and science standards while moving AND they have have to SING, so they aren't talking! It's magical. Also, if you have a Mac or an ipod dock, you can get a remote for it.

I also have a "classical" playlist that I use during morning work to set a calming atmosphere. They respond well and it keeps the volume in the room to a low hum.

Thanks for sharing that link- I will have to check it out! :)