Thursday, February 10, 2011

Groomsmen's Wear and Such

I knew since I was using pink I didn’t want to use black tuxedos.  My ZTA room in college was pink and black and while I loved it I didn’t really want it for my wedding.  To me it screams BACHLORETTE PARTY…not what I want the day of the wedding. Brown was also out because it is the middle of the summer.  The choices left were gray/silver, tan, or seersucker.

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When I showed Carter the options, he was 100% on board with the …..TAN!  Which was fine with me. I like the laid back feel it gives groomsmen, but still looks great in pictures and goes well with a church wedding.  Also, after working in the wedding retail business I am not a big fan of the rented vest and tie.  Something seems to always go wrong that is out of anybody’s control and I wanted some uniqueness.  This seems extremely odd coming from me because I want the bridesmaids to look exactly alike from their hair to their shoes.  Carter and I thought that it would be neat if all the groomsmen wore different ties!  I LOVE IT!  We actually picked them out this weekend.  They are for the most part all different, but all in the pink family.  Now if I can talk him into wearing pink socks we will be on a roll!  {Probably not happening!} As for the rest of their attire they will be renting the tan tux, white shirt, and shoes (I’m thinking brown? What do you think?) They will be wearing a boutonniere that looks similar to the picture below it is an orchid but with more flowers and greenery.


I have made some decisions that aren’t really blog worthy.  Like I picked my caterer, which I am super happy with, but not much to blog about.  We are going to heavy appetizers instead of a meal. whooo hooo decision finally made.

I have also looked at every pink high heel on the internet.  I still can’t make a decision.  It seems like if I really like it then it cost too much, its too high, or if it meets that criteria then it is U-G-L-Y!  Right now these are my top pics from

Product Image  Product Image  Product Image

My favorites are the one on the end.  When I picked them out they were on sale and of course they aren’t now. *Sigh* Story of my life!

I am going to have two ring bearers and one flower girls. My ring bearers are two precious boys 7 and 4.  They are going to wear linen pants, a white button down, and a pink seersucker tie.  My flower girl is the sweetest thing ever.  I had her in kindergarten and again this year in first grade.  We haven’t decided on a dress for her but I really like this dress from


  I love the ribbon details. If we do decide to get this one I want to have her initials monogramed on the chest.  So Sweet!  We are waiting to see what comes out for Easter this spring before deciding.

I need to post about my search for invitations, music and the singing, the ceremony, the reception, favors, and what in the world to throw/have when we are leaving.  So many decisions.  At least the big ones are out of the way.  I’ll keep you posted hopefully more frequently than the last time I posted. 

What do you want to know about the wedding?

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