Thursday, February 24, 2011

When Two Become One

So as any good Southern Christian Girl would do Carter and I are not living together before we get married… but we are taking the “moving in” in stages.  WE HAVE LOTS OF STUFF! It’s a good thing that Carter is super handy with tools.  So for Valentine’s Day…along with a pack of sharpies!  Carter redid the closet in the master bedroom. It only had two shelves with two small rods on the sides of the semi walk in closet. Carter opened it up with two long rods and shelves on the long wall a short tall shelf for dresses and a wall of shelves for shoes!  It is AMAZING! I am thrilled with it… He made fun of me because I wanted to paint it a pretty color (maybe even put up some super trendy wall paper)!  That got vetoed. Now we can’t decide if all of my clothes..summer and winter will go in the closet or if carter is going to take the top shelf. Decisions Decisions.  This one is just one on the the list of about 1000 left to make.

Before: It is usually more organized.

{Top-shoes that don’t fit on the shoe rack on the bottom in picture two. Bottom- Jewelry chest, bags in the floor, sweatshirts, sweaters, scarves, skirts hanging.. dresses had already been taken out. There was no extra space in the closet.}

2011-02-12_09-09-57_912   2011-02-12_09-10-28_365

2011-02-12_09-10-04_341  2011-02-12_09-10-17_763  2011-02-12_09-10-12_560

After: {top: shelf..still deciding summer clothes or carter’s clothes? 2. all of my winter clothes on one shelf, organized by color :) bottom: 1. I tried to get a complete view, but couldn’t really.  2. dress rack with a basket full of CHS softball sweatshirts! 3. side shelves for my shoes!}

DSCN1771  DSCN1772

DSCN1773  DSCN1774  DSCN1775

Love It. Can’t wait till two actually become one under the same roof. I’ll post my President’s Day activities soon. Plus a wedding weekend update.

Did I mention we are making up a school day THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!?????? Saturday school whooo hooo get excited.  I have a softball tournament so will be taking off 1.2 day but school…. on Saturday. {sigh}

Loving my CrAzY Life


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Mrs. Scoma said...

Saw your Sparkle idea on The First Grade Parade... love it!! :) Congrats on the wedding... married life is awesome! And also congrats on not getting sucked into "Let's move in and see how it goes first!"