Thursday, February 10, 2011

Target Finds

Yesterday school let out at 1:30 because (wait, you’ll never guess?!) SNOW was heading our way.  Sure enough right around 3:30 it started.  As much as I hated to see it, it was so pretty.  It was the steady, medium sized flake kind that doesn’t go away very quickly.  It snowed a good 4-5 hours and the ground and roads were covered.  I prayed for a delay, but to no avail school was cancelled.  Most of the time we would say YAY! but this means Saturday school and my Saturdays are already pack with softball tournaments. So that either means no school or no softball, unless the Saturday they pick just happens to be the ONE Saturday we have off between now and the end of school!

Well after an amazing appointment with the chiropractor, I headed into Target for 1. water and 2. Dt. Dr. Pepper. Did I go directly to the beverage section…. NO!  I walked around that entire store! I did get the drinks but also some pretty awesome stuff for my room.  I’ll be turning this receipt in to PTO!  Thank goodness for them.

These are all of my finds:


My favorite Valentine’s Snack is red and pink funfetti cake mix.  I will be whipping up a batch for Monday’s “Special Snack!”


Also for Monday I bought the necessary Conversation Hearts, but they are the Sweetheart kind and they are Sparkly. YAY!  Maybe they will taste a little better than the chalk kind.


These little gems were in the dollar section for $2.50.  Not only will they help decorate my cupcakes, but they will be Brain Sprinkles for my kiddos. This idea cam from Sarah at First Grader… At Last.  She uses confetti, which I love but right now we are loving to eat our brain sprinkles when we are Super Thinkers. I love the different colors and the kids will be excited for some new sprinkles.

{note: I realize, a photographer I am not!}


I bought 2 packs of these blank note cards.  I’ve got an awesome project in store for these that I will post after V-Day. I didn’t want to get snowed in without the necessities so I picked up a new pack of markers and crayons. Is there anything better?   DSCN1716DSCN1717


I found the clip board in the dollar section …. it was the only one.  I bet some other teacher gobbled those up in a heartbeat. The scrapbooking paper was also a $1.  I picked up a pack of cardstock… and my FAVORITE find of the day was:DSCN1718 The HOTTEST pink notebook ever and inside………………………………………………..>

GRAPH PAPER!  AMAZING! It serves soo many purposes. I love how neat it keeps your handwriting and how your drawings always look so much better.


We just started learning about money, so I picked up these bowls for a whopping $1.99 for 6 for students to store their play coins in during lessons.  Its so much cuter than a baggie.

Another find I was super excited about were these plates:


Are they not perfect for place value? Ones, Tens, Hundreds? and then the big slot would be for putting the number back together or to break it apart!  I can’t wait to incorporate these into my math stations.  Of course I had to get one for the girls and one for the boys. These were around 2.50.

I thought it was a extremely successful random shopping trip. Its amazing what you can find when you are thinking out of the box.

Happy Snow Day Y’all!

I will prob. be posting a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG overdue wedding update where in a bit.


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Charlotte (Momma) said...

So I really have no idea where you got all of your creativeness (I don't know if that is actually a word:) - your daddy and I have not one creative bone in our body,but.... you have the neatest ideas with the most ordinary things. If I was a 1st grader I would definitely want to be in Miss Hill's class!!!