Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Telling Time

We have telling time to the hour and the half hour down pat, but telling what time of day it is …is a WHOLE different story.  We started with what time school starts and ends. 8 and 3 for us.  Today I asked one of my lower kids what time school ends and he said 11:30…WhAt?????? I know that I have mentioned that a time or two much less the class schedule that we refer to several times a day! So needless to say that is what we need work on.  I sent home a digital clock from a mailbox magazine and asked students to record what time they went to bed.  When they brought them back we graphed the results on the board and talked about various times we ate supper, played, did homework, and finally when we went to bed.  Today the students graphed the data and answered some questions that went with the graph.  Click on the pictures below for two downloads. 


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