Monday, February 7, 2011

Realia from Last Week

So I am pretty sure that realia is a made up word since when you type it the red squiggly lines show up underneath it!  But if you went to The University of North Alabama and had Dr. Goodnite for Social Studies (undergrad and grad) then you KNOW what realia is.  It’s a word that she made up that means artifacts or examples and if you save her notes from undergrad then you won’t have to take them over in grad school because it’s the EXACT same class!  I digress…. so this past week has been so productive.  I have had several absent and I have missed them but it is amazing how much more you can get done with four absent. Together with Abby’s penguin 5 five day planner and Deanna Jump’s Penguin unit on TpT my kids were in penguin heaven! Please don’t judge the drawings haha!

  DSCN1669   DSCN1670

and my absolute FAVORITE activity was the one from Abby and DeepSpaceSparkle.  I only had 13 students one day and I thought if I am gonna do it TODAY IS THE DAY! and we DID IT!  We painted…. not water paints, but real paint with real paint brushes.  I was a BRAVE girl!  I wish that I would have taken pictures of the kids with their bowls of paint and all of the different paintbrushes.  Better yet I wish that I could capture the kids behavior during this activity, put it in a jar and bring it out when the weather starts to make them go APES! I never heard, I can’t do it…mines ugly…can I start over… all things that I hear when we draw or use markers.  EVERY single student loved their art and I loved it too!  It was sooooo satisfying to see how happy the kids were.  They were sighting facts about penguins and their habitats while we were painting and it was one of “those moments” when you know that teaching is what you were made for!

DSCN1671  DSCN1672DSCN1673

Two more activities: time and Abby’s contraction kids.


The clock is a paper plate with yard sale dots and arrows from Word. * pre measure the arrows…. I did not so that’s why they look kinda off.  I was EXTREMELY specific on modeling where the dots should go.  We did 12 and 6 first and then 3 and 9 and then filled in between.  Students had to label the hour and minute hand.  The square piece of paper says My clock says it is _______________.  Later in the week the pieces of paper came off and were replaced with a letter and students had to record the times in a center. Good fun practice!  We did hour and half hour even though the ones in the picture are all hours.


I loved Babbling Abby’s contraction kids but I added my on little spin to it.  My kids love to play a game we call Mix and Match.  I am sure that you do a variation of it in your classroom.  I print off cards for each kid so in this instance one child will have a card that has: is not and a child that has : isn’t.  I’ve also done it with –er and –est words.  I play music and the kids mix their cards by trading with each other. The rules are NO running and you have to trade even if you have already traded “a million” times. After the music stops the pairs find each other. We did it about five times and the last time the pairs got to sit beside each other and USE MARKERS whooo… to decorate their kids.  Then they glued the pair together and we hung them up!  Great involvement activity.

Y’all keep checking back this week.  Lots of printables for time and Unit three review for Reading Street.

Have a Happy Week! Laura


g8tr410 said...

I love your contraction idea. Where did you get your black/white people from?

Laura said...

It is from my all about me unit. Google All about me and you should find a printable that looks similar. i think that it is from the mailbox. I only have a hard copy or I would post a link to it. Good luck and thanks for the comment!

Mindy Hutton said...

Hahahaha realia...and Dr. Goodnite. Oh, good times...