Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Survived the First Week

I am amazed at all of the hard work that goes into the first week of school even after four years of teaching and now starting my fifth year.  Grade 5 Year 5 and it is going to be the best yet!  We’ve assessed and grouped and have gotten acquainted and we are ready to dive in head first on Monday! Highlights from our first week were:

LessonPlanSOS Back to School Bash Unit: What Smart Are You? Lesson… Most of my Ss are nature smart so I can’t wait to start science with them.  WE have a science assessment in AL in 5th so hopefully we are one step ahead!



I surprised myself in being self smart!  I thought for sure I would be people smart because I. Love. to. Talk. but I have to agree more that I love to write, organize, make list, etc. What Smart Are You?





Frindle: It is our first reading story in Reading Street, but it doesn’t include the entire book so we started in early and are going to read the whole thing.  I wanted to “wake” my Ss brains up slowly so they wouldn’t be over loaded.  We started with a few Story elements and focused on Characters and their traits and setting.  These are our anchor charts and I will post a picture of our character activity tomorrow I forgot to snap it before I left school on Friday!


I can’t draw squat diddly hardly but isn’t it so fun when your kids think you are an amazing artist?  Remember that on Monday and find that kid that seems to always have chicken poop…compliment them and who knows? Maybe he will turn is chicken poop…into Chicken Salad!


We also came up with our own “words” and gave three clues…to what they meant.  Ss got into cooperative groups and shared their new words and the other students had to guess what it was for ex.:


{pronounced War-Full}

1. Holds a state of matter

2. Useful in the mornings

3. Mostly for adult use

Comment back if you can guess my object and for a great 5th grade read choose Frindle!

Happy Happy Teaching!


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M.E. Hall said...

I love the "What Smart are you?" board!