Tuesday, August 16, 2011

so far so good

Great second day.  WE did our What Smart Are You? lesson from Lesson Plan SOS, a name glyph which we are using for our spelling test, a classmate bingo, and review our rules and procedures.  I decided to use a clip system, which I will post a picture of tomorrow.  Along with our chores chart.  I am delegating more this year so I am not so stressed out with the “mess” like sharpening pencils and sweeping. Tomorrow we are starting Frindle in reading, Multiplication and division review in math, and map skills in Social Studies.  What are yall doing?  It is such an awkward week for us. We are used to starting to school on Friday having the weekend to recover and plan and jump in head first on Monday!  So now we are winging it…which I hate… till next monday after all of our assessments are over, etc. My kids are being sooooooo well behaved.  We are using a new attention getter/positive reinforcement as a school.  We raise our hands and smile and the kids have to do it back… It is taking mine a little long to get it so I am using my verbal attention getters and then doing the hand and smile technique.  It seems silly but the smiling part is the best part… just try it tomorrow and see how it works for you.  My other attention getters are:

Green Acres…T: ba da ba da da S: da da

I can clap or “sing” green acres

T: All set S: You Bet

Power Teaching:

T: Class Class

S: Yes Yes

Hands and Eyes

I am thinking about making cute signs and hanging them under the board.

Happy Teaching

Laura :)

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