Monday, August 8, 2011


First of all as soon as I have time I am going to change the font to my post titles… I cant read them so I am sure that you cant either….Tomorrow is our first day of school for teachers.  It is technically a workday but we will see how many meetings we have and how much socializing we do  and how much work we wont get finished!  Below are some before pictures of my classroom. between me my mom and my volleyball girls the room is looking great!  I forgot my camera and will post some after pictures tomorrow

.DSCN2429DSCN2430DSCN2431DSCN2432DSCN2433DSCN2434this pic is actually an after picDSCN2435DSCN2436DSCN2437DSCN2438

Can’t wait to show you the after pics tomorrow! Also if you are like me I always need a little chocolate pick me up this time of year so I will be leaving you a recipe for my mommas delicious Kentucky Derby Pie. Also look forward to my first day of school lesson plans and what I think is an adorable welcome back bulletinboard!

Happy Teaching!


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