Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday

I still consider my self a new teacher, but I have learned a few things in the past four years.

1. USE YOUR SICK DAYS!  That’s what they are for.  Don’t go to school ill or sick or tired…if you arent up to it then TAKE OFF!  your co workers will appreciate it and sooo will your students.

2. Do what your principal says to do.  If they say turn in your lesson plans on Monday then email them Sunday night.  Don’t be that teacher that says well I forgot… if you worked at McDonalds and they said be here at 5 and you werent then you would be fired!

3. Don’t complain in public.  People who are not teachers CAN NOT COMPREHEND….don’t try to explain…find a support system your mom, husband, BFF, and VENT to them.

4. Keep up with what is recent in education.

5. Further your education.

6. Share Share Share then steal, borrow and beg great lessons!

7. Have a sub tub!  Pinterest has a great one!

8. Always make friends with the secretary, custodians, and the lunchroom ladies.

9. Do your job for the kids. Remember what was like to be in _____ grade!

10. HAVE FUN!!!


Tara said...

#1, #4 and #9 really resonated with me. Especially #9, which is hard to love by (sometimes!).

Tara said...

oops..I meant to say "live by"...

PolkaDotOwl said...

Can you post a link for the sub tub? I can't find it on Pinterest and it sounds like a GREAT idea! :)