Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekly Review

We started our basal series… Reading Street  this past week.  Our story was Frindle.  Our skills were character traits and plot.  We studied the four kinds of sentences in language and place value in math.  Over all it was a fun week.  We decided as a school that the GO MATH! with the common core standards was a little difficult so we are all teaching the ….getting ready for __ grade lessons.  Did anyone else using this series have this problem?

This week we are starting our AMSTI investigations in science. The kids are already pumped about it.

I also missed out on Where it All goes down Wednesday for teacher week so I am leaving some pictures of activities and what my room looks like:



M.E. Hall said...

I love the flip chart on the different types of sentences! I am teaching that tommorrow! We created a flip chart of shorts...perhaps I wiil post a picture once completed! Great blog!!

Linda Dunnavant said...

Your classroom is too cute! I teach fifth too, and we also use Scott Foresman Reading Street and AMSTI! What a small world! What module are you starting with? We're doing Ecosystems. We hope to start building our ecocolumns next week. Fun times!