Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back Tracking

So the snow is FINALLY melting! YAAAAA HHOOOOOO!!!!  Thursday, Mom and I finally got out of the house and ran some errands, but the snow and ice were still everywhere!  The county office called off school for the kids on Friday, but teachers had a choice of having a teacher work day Friday or Monday.  So, I went to work in my room Friday.  We were allowed to leave a little early, but because I am a work-a-holic I stayed till about 4:00!  I just don’t know how everybody gets it done without working after school or on the weekends.  I know that I will be better when I have taught the same grade for more than one year, but right now I am working extra! *I’ll take any suggestions on how to get the working under control lol!

Moving on to a Wedding Weekend update…

After choosing my wedding dress the next big thing that I want to pick out was a bridesmaids’ dress.  This dress also had to meet a LOT of criteria.  I have been a bridesmaid in several weddings and have worn a wide range of dresses…






I feel like I am leaving somebody out but, there is one in June… I can’t get it to post, but it is platinum and a v-neck.  I am looking forward to that one.  It will be my first time as a Maid of Honor!  I have been lucky to not have to wear anything hideous!  My friends have good taste!

I didn’t think my turn to pick out a bridesmaids dress would EVER come, but since it has I wanted to pick something that everyone would like.  Now if you poll 12 girls they are not going to all like anything, unless it’s a hot guy.  The criteria for the BM dress was similar to the wedding dress:

NO STRAPLESS… again with the unified look, the constant pulling, etc.

No back out.. again I think this is a wedding, not the club.

Cost…there is no sense in spending 300 on a dress… we are not millionaires… yes they are beautiful, but ridiculous.

and the standard

“Something that looks good on everybody and something they could wear again”… Just a side note… I've never worn any of mine again, expect the black dress in the last picture… because it is just a black dress.

The real motivation is that I wanted the dress to photograph well :) So I will leave you with the choices I went through before choosing “The One”

Alternate View

Courtesy of Jim Hjelm



courtesy of Avlina Valenta   ------->


Bridesmaid /  B3089 

Courtesy of Jasmine Bridal

So with all of those choices… I picked…. NONE!  I didn’t want long because it is going to be hot has BLUE BLAZES! ( I know this people quit reminding me!) So with lots of encouragement from Whitney, and the girls and Cherry Tree Lane I chose…duh dada dahhhh…

Adorable right? Choosing the color is a whole other blog post so to make an extremely long story short… we are going with PETAL!   I. Love. It.  I hope that the girls love it too.

Keep checking back next week for lots of inspiration for your home and your classroom.  On the next edition of Wedding Weekend I will be featuring the CAKE!




Have a Blessed…. hopefully SNOW-FREE… Week                      Love, Laura


Lezlie Melton said...

Love it! AND I love your blog! I have been keeping up with it! :)

Sue Anne said...

I love it Laura! You have great taste!

Nicole said...

LOVE IT!!!! and love the comment "no backless, this is not a club" haha