Monday, January 24, 2011

Make It with Marshmallows

At school last week and this week we have been knee deep in snowman activities.  If you haven’t picked up Deanna Jumps Snowman Unit from Teachers Pay Teacher, then head on over and purchase it right now!  Doesn’t it seem like everybody else’s ideas are sooo good?  I have noticed that even though I have ideas (good ones every now and then) I find my self stalking everyone else’s blog and using their ideas.  So I am leaving you today with an idea that is circulating around in Blogland…

It is a marshmallow snowman…so cute!  We are taking two days to make this which I recommend unless you have a lot of time. 

First, we read The Biggest, Best Snowman.  It is the PERFECT book to go with this activity.  The book sequences the building of a snowman.  After we finish putting on the “decorashuns.” We are going to do a directional four step writing on how to build a snowman. I will be take pictures of our snowmen and the writings later in the week.


*PS- Do you ever find that  great idea and the pictures all of the other teachers put up are so good? and you do that same activity and your class just “doesn’t get it.”  I can get so frustrated.  We did the …If I live in a snowglobe writing and I had answers like I would fall down from being dizzy because everybody would shake me up and then I would throw up…. REALLY?  haha Abby didn’t have any answers like that! Maybe it has to do with the 12 boys in my class.  Hopefully our snowman will go better.  Check back for pictures of all of our snowman activities and go get Deanna Jump’s unit!

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