Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Teacher Talk

Blogland=Teacher Heaven!
Please check out My BLOG LIST to see all of the WONDERFUL, TALENTED, and SUPER BUSY teachers that are putting in a lot of extra time to help other teachers (like me!) plan. I am still learning about all of these super cool blog gadgets.  I hope to start sharing some of my own ideas.  Until then I will leave you with a picture of an idea I got from Sarah Cooley at First Grader...At Last!  Yes I know he has DSCN1366a mustache…How could I resist when I hear…”But Miss Hill…all zookeepers have a mustache!” So needless to say Zack the Zookeeper is sporting a good-lookin’ stash!

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Rachelle and Brian said...

Pretty much I love Sarah's blog too! I'm excited to read your posts! :) Especially the teacher posts!