Saturday, January 8, 2011

Free Choice Friday

Sight word Review Game

For those of you who use Scotts Foresman you know how l-o-n-g reading is for our little firsties.  It seems like they have to sit there and listen to you talk for hours.  My reading coach and I decided to spice things up and get them involved.  Student Engagement = Paying attention!  (I know you already knew that!) So on Thursdays, we play a little game of Smack It!  As soon as I introduce the new sight words my kids start asking when we are going to play it.  THEY LOVE IT!
This is how you play:

1. Write the words you want Ss to review on your board:
* Variation: Instead of writing the words on the board, write them on a post it note.  It is easier to set up and they don’t erase :)

2. Place a line of tape away from the board.  Ss need this so they will stay behind the line and it will be fair.  Otherwise you are going to get a lot of “This is not fair” when the student loses.
2011-01-07_12-46-37_863. Students will need a pointer.  We use fly swatters so the game is true to its name “Smack It”.
4.  Have two students stand behind the line.  (I use my '”sticks” with Ss #s on them to call out who gqes first and next…) call out a word and let them smack it.  The first Ss who smacks it stays and the one who lost gets a sticker and sits back down. 

This a great and quick way to review your sight words.  I hope your kids love it as much as mine.  Let me know how you use it and if your kids love it.  Have fun!

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