Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Teacher Talk

Teachers Pay Teachers

Don’t you just love when you are looking for that idea that is going to help you decide what to teach next week?  Well, look no more!  Teachers pay Teachers is a great website to find just about anything and everything you can imagine.  No matter what grade or subject you teach. You will find something that you can use.  Some things are free but some things are a little bit.  Deanna Jump and Brooke Perry have some awesome items that can be downloaded as soon as you purchase them. 

You can make your own account and start making money for your ideas.  In all of our spare time (right?).  That’s my goal in 2011, but it will be awhile before you see any of my ideas and documents.  In the meanwhile, support these other teachers and visit their blogs for free downloads as well as purchasing items from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Do you have any other favorite websites/blogs that are your go to sites?

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Rachelle said...

oh man! I'm obsessed with SO many blogs! If you look at my sidebar on my blog....it's over flowing with LOTS of blog links!!! www.whattheteacherwants.blogspot.com