Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Growing up in the south makes you pine for snow and more snow, but its because we never get any.  Until last year.  It snowed and snowed last year and we were in school till June and now we are on our 4th snow day this week.  That’s right 4th!  The 7-14 inches of snow that fell in the surrounding areas has shut down our little town.  I am going stir crazy being snowed in at my Mommas.  I guess its better than being home alone.  So all I want this Wednesday is the snow to be gone!  Somehow I don’t think its going anywhere with the temps being in single digits tomorrow.  I am sure we will be out of school Friday and Monday (for MLK/REL Day) and return Tuesday seriously re-energized and ready to teach!

Other than no snow I want this!  It is from Mark It with a B.  I originally saw in it in my Southern Living

Beautiful example of 18

Magazine as a present topper.  I want one of each size!  With my new initials of course!  I would love to have some to hang inside my wreaths at my reception, one on my front door when we get home from the honeymoon, and several to give friends.(bridesmaids gifts anyone?)  You could prime it and spray paint it a solid and then polka dot it for a fun girl’s b-day party, perfect for wedding showers, baby showers, and store fronts. Ex. My sister’s old store was Cherry Tree Lane so the initials could be CTL or my friend Nicole’s store in Trussville, AL The Spotted Zebra her initials could be TSZ!  How fun would that be to paint!

What would you do with your monogram?


The Gists said...

I love these too! I really want one to hang in my nursery :) or maybe paint it pink or blue and put it on the front door after we come home from the hospital.

Laura said...

Adorable Olivia! I can't wait to meet your bundle of joy! When do you find out what it is?

Molly said...

I would personally LOVE one of these! :)